Get Green Color Done in This Direction of the House, There will be no Problem in Life

In Vastu Shastra, today we will discuss the auspicious results of green color in the east direction. According to Vastu Shastra, painting the east direction with green color is considered beneficial. It is believed that by using green color in this direction, the progress of the eldest son of the family remains unhindered. There are no obstacles in his path to success. If one studies while facing the east direction, it is very beneficial. This enhances their intellectual abilities, and they can achieve good grades in exams.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the east direction is associated with the element of wood. Therefore, in the east direction, if you place objects made of wood along with green color, it brings even more auspicious results. In this direction, it is advisable to have the room’s door or windows made of wood. If the elder son of the house is involved in a business related to wood or any wooden products in the east direction, it can be very beneficial.

Similarly, in the west direction, as per Vastu, using white color or placing white-colored objects is considered auspicious. This direction is related to the younger daughter of the family. Placing wooden items in this direction can also bring positive results.

In conclusion, Vastu suggests that incorporating green color in the east direction and white color in the west direction, especially along with wooden elements, can lead to positive outcomes for the elder son and younger daughter of the family, respectively. These Vastu guidelines can help create a more harmonious and balanced living environment.